UEFA Champions League 2007: AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool – Final Video highlights

AC Milan UEFA Champions 2007Against all the odds Milan is the new UEFA Champion 2007

AC Milan won their 7th Europe Cup, and got its revenge from Stambul in 2005. Milan is a club that has earn their respect over the years, just two more Cups from Real Madrid.

Liverpool fought all the way through with authority, Rafa Benitez’s team put their souls on the line, but Andre Pirlo strike with a little “magic touch” from Inzaghi just wasnt fair.

Milan fought a great game and never gave up to the constant attacks from Liverpool, here you can watch the goals and highlights from the game.

Liverpools unlucky day

The first half was all Liverpool over the Milan’s area, but Milan was very patience, trying to hold the enemy, until they got their lucky chance and the next one with a great pass from Kaka to Inzaghi.

It just wasnt Livepool’s day, at the feet of Pippo Inzaghi they found their gravestone. With a 2-0 Liverpool was history, even with Finnan entering the field at the last minutes and with an awesome comeback by the way of Kuyt, a 2-1 just wasnt enough.

Milan’s Captain Paolo Maldini, a new legend, just as his father 44 years before him (when Milan won theri first Cup), raised the Cup at almost age 38.

Milans Captain Paolo Maldini

Post Game Interview with Kaka

Interview with Ricardo Kak and Sky Sports post the Milan – Liverpool Champions League 2006-2007 Final on May 23 in Athens.

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